Radical Telecommunications

Radicall – 1st in Telecommunications – 4 Years and growing stronger: www.radicall.co.nz

Having a strong business background and tested experience, Josko Sestan established a niche offering in the telecom sector forming the, well as the name suggests a Radicall point of difference for small to medium sized businesses. Since the company was formed in the year 2012, it has been on the rise with the help of some strong and reliable businesses and technical advice from experts like Dennis Curin and Simon respectively.

The company has grown organically and plans on achieving greater heights in the coming years. We cater to all kinds of businesses including law companies, accountants, engineering and manufacturing businesses, including retail and coffee shops. The thing which sets us apart is that we understand the distinct needs and requirements of all small businesses and provide them unique service guarantees not seen in the Telco industry, something quite special which shows we understand the nature of small business, we have a claim to being 1ST in Telecommunications, 1st only because it is where you and your business comes 1st before all else.

Here is a quick summary of the services which we provide and the milestones which we have achieved in this short time span.

Internet Connections

With the help of Radicall connections, an interoffice traffic can easily be controlled through a single internet connection without having additional costs. A single managed private network is provided for flexible, reliable, and quality network, including UFB, VDSL, ADSL and Dark Fiber, our Network has specifically been designed to prioritize Voice Traffic ensuring the highest quality of calls.

Business PABX Telephone Solutions

You will never miss a call because of our PABX systems accommodate multiple types of call flow including automated answer and remote answer to a mobile. Our VoIP, Digital & Analogue or Cloud Hosted PABX phone systems provide for a solution that will fit your every situation.

Radicall Hosted Telephone Services

We offer an uptime guarantee of 99.95% for our Datacenter providing all the benefits you would be accustomed to from a traditional PABX. Call costs can be reduced to a fraction of the costs that traditional Telcos might charge.

Business Telephone Lines and Tolls

Without making any changes to the phone number, you can upgrade to the Radicall tolls at tailored rates. We make sure that our services conform to all of your SIP/VoIP requirements.

Contact Center Solutions

If you are looking for a smart solution for your customer services call center? The multiple channels provided by our Contact Center Solutions is a single answer to all your challenges, try our Hosted Call Center Solution, with Softphone & Queue management options.

Call Recording Solutions

Call Recording can be achieved bespoke or through our Hosted services. Designed specifically to accommodate small and medium sized networks. Our robust call recording solutions ensures quality management and forms part of your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Video Conferencing

The world has been transformed into one huge conference room. Since 2003, video conferencing has become an integral part of all companies looking to streamline processes and increase productivity. We can produce our clients with this essential service. Using Grandstream or Lifesize video conferencing enables people who are working in different locations to carry out important meetings together as if in one room.

The future for Radicall is exciting, we are planning an IP TV offering which will complete the set of the digital services we are providing to our clients. Also, we are also negotiating with a Tier 1 service provider to accommodate mobile services as part of our Telecommunications suite of products achieving a full suite of products that our customers can now get from one service provider, again with that unique service guarantee of being 1st in Telecommunications where you and your business comes 1st.

If you are looking for the best PABX telephone solutions, reliable internet connections, data and cellular networks and much more then there is no better company to meet all your digital requirements than Radicall.

Visit our www.radicall.co.nz to get more details about all the services we provide.