Main Services

Our Qualified and competent technicians can help with the following:

  • On-demand repairs and maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Faulty equipment replacement
  • PBX programming
  • Additional ports and extensions
  • Battery backup systems
  • Surge protection
  • Insurance claim replacements
  • Voice Mail
  • Auto Attendant configuration
  • Call Centre applications
  • Relocations

Improve your Business Strategy

The challenging environment of the global economy has placed more emphasis on the traditional qualities of a securing a mutually beneficial business relationship. No matter the size of your business we recognise that your circumstances determine how our products and services may fit to benefit your business. We therefore offer a free consultation at your convenience to discuss and recognise your needs.

We will evaluate and discuss your options. We have a wholesome knowledge of where the market is when it comes to the telecommunication industry. We have superior solutions, options, and approaches that you may not have considered.

Once we evaluate and discuss your options, we will go through any concerns you may have through to a resolution even if that means a recommendation of competitor products or services. We will use the collaborative approach to realise the best solution for your business.

We know that if we help our clients now with whatever the problem is, even if it is not our product or service today that we are in a better position to have something happen eventually.

Traditional PBX, VoIP, Hosted Systems Integration:

We can offer more functionality from your PBX, VoIP or Hosted system by integrating the System with your CRM Database. As telephone systems become applications running on a server, all sorts of possibilities emerge to integrate with other applications.By making and receiving calls, employees are collecting data about the business with out any change in their normal working methods this data can be reordered, analysed and stored. CRM systems can ‘plug’ into the data. Please discuss this with your Radicall Consultant.

Hardware Recommendations:

There is a large and rapidly expanding range of products available in the marketplace including IP telephone handsets, wi-fi handsets, soft phones, traditional PBX and new soft switch VoIP Systems. As a result of our experience and extensive testing with many of these products and services we are ideally positioned to make the best recommendation that fits with your Telecommunication need and future direction.

Next Generation PBX:

Take the next step in moving your PBX systems by moving to a soft switch Telephone System, it can be localised or hosted we can implement a VoIP, digital or unstructured Telephone System that can grow with you and your network infrastructure. Connections can be made via your ADSL2 router, a higher quality connection such as a fibre optic connection may be required. These considerations will be discussed with you in our free non obligation discovery interview.

Network Audit:

Before any telephone system especially an VoIP solution can be delivered it is essential that the network infrastructure is up to the job of supporting the new equipment or additional network voice traffic. radicall will review the existing systems, network infrastructure and make recommendations for improvement where necessary.


Preparation is vital to the smooth running of an installation. At radicall we take great care to ensure that as much of the work as possible is done before our technicians ever arrive to your site. This groundwork includes detailed mapping of how you want your phone system to work, configuring handsets and liaising with your business lines service provider. As a result, we can plan to minimise disruption to your business through effective installations.

Support & UpgradesSupport & Upgrades

Support and Upgrades:

We at Radicall are committed to a program of continuous enhancement and upgrades and we are also committed to ensuring that all our clients benefit from these enhancements and upgrades. Using SSH remote access we deliver new features and enhancements to all our clients without any disruption to their business. The only thing our clients notice is that their phone system has just got even better!