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Radicall Hosted Telephone Services – VoIP / SIP PBX System

All the benefits of a Traditional PABX, hosted within our Telco-grade NZ data Centre with 99.95% up-time Guarantee

The biggest problem with installing a traditional business phone system? That closet-full of equipment you’ll need to lease, install and maintain. With Radicall Hosted PABX, you won’t need any of that equipment. And you’ll get a phone system that’s advanced, reliable, flexible, simple, cost-effective—and ready to go in about 15 minutes.…at a fraction of the cost.

  1. You don’t need any equipment—we host all of that for you off-site.
  2. You work with just one company.
  3. You pay one flat fee per extension, line, handset.
  4. You can be set up with Radicall Hosted PABX in minutes.

Most businesses save from 30-55% over traditional phone costs.

Radicall Hosted Telephone Services is a total business phone service. It uses VOIP technology, in other words, your phone service is delivered over the internet. We maintain the equipment. We host the software. We make the upgrades. You just use your phones like you normally would.

Whether you have one office with five handsets or extensions or a hundred extensions. We can configure a solution for you.

Radicall Hosted Telephone Services makes your phone system better. And Radicall makes managing your phone system easier.

All our Hosted PABX Instances are fully functional dedicated PABX Systems allocated to your individual business.


Single Point of contact for all your Telecommunications needs

Radicall provides all services required to ensure a reliable telecommunications service for your business:

  • PBX hosting and support.
  • VoIP / SIP trunks and call termination.
  • Internet services (UFB/VDSL2/Business Fibre/HSNS/ADSL2) including managed WAN.
  • Full Installation and on-going support service.
  • Single point of contact for all support inquiries.

Dedicated IP-PABX Server.

Your own fully functional dedicated PABX system that can be customised as you choose. Hosted on your own dedicated server within Radicall New Zealand Data Centres.

High availability Features delivering 99.95% up-time

  • Hardware Redundancy (your PBX is mirrored across multiple servers & Multiple Data Centres).
  • Power Redundancy (Radicall operates two data centers which have two separate power feeds backed-up by two separate diesel Generators).
  • Internet Redundancy (three separate fibre optic Internet connections from three different wholesale providers).

Integrated VoIP Service

The VoIP / SIP service provided by Radicall has been tightly integrated to ensure the highest possible call quality for any location in New Zealand with tier-1 partners to deliver best quality and most cost effective connections to the rest of the World..

Because Radicall VoIP servers are also based in the same Data Center your calls have the shortest possible distance to travel, in-turn ensuring the highest possible call quality.

The use of reliable Open Source Software significantly reduces the initial capital cost of your new phone system while delivering industry leading features and reliability.

Our system provides all standard PBX features such as Auto-attendant, music-on-hold, hunt groups, intercom, paging, call hold-park-forward-transfer, and three way calling.  In addition, we provide enhanced services not always available on most PBX systems, such as voicemail to email, cell phone integration, call center queuing, CRM integration, call recording, find-me-follow-me, and soft-phones.

Hosted VoIP PBX

Hosted and VoIP provides organizations with an Enterprise Class phone system customized to fit your needs.  service as a fully-managed, cloud-based system, offering the convenience of an on-line IP-based telecommunications system.

Hosting your Telephone System with the Radicall advanced infrastructure provides a range of advantages:

  • No need for costly capital expenditure to setup PABX infrastructure.
  • Easily upgradable packages to suit your changing needs.
  • Dedicated VoIP connection insures clear, crisp call quality.
  • Flexible, highly functional and future proofed systems with maximum scalability.
  • All advantages of VoIP phone systems without the huge setup costs
  • Greatly reduced calling rates, free inter-office calling etc…
  • Network maintenance from Radicall’s experienced network engineers.

Choose Radicall as your Telecommunications Partner…

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