On-Premise Lifesize Video Conferencing Solution

The ultimate control over your video conferencing solution?

For companies with existing investments in video conferencing or for IT departments that demand complete customization and security, Lifesize On-Premise business video conferencing solutions are ideal. Users will get the same ease of use and the best high performance video conferencing as with Lifesize Cloud. But IT departments will have the power to maximize every benefit of Lifesize.

How do you know a Lifesize On-Premise solution is right for you?

  • Your IT team has experience with integrating video into your infrastructure.
  • You need to comply with laws that mandate that all technology stays on site.
  • Security is your most important concern.
  • You want control over your entire infrastructure.

Too much IT for you?
Try Lifesize Cloud—the incredibly easy way to deploy video conferencing

What is involved with Lifesize On-Premise solutions?

Using Lifesize On-Premise solutions, you integrate our technology into your infrastructure, allowing you to choose exactly how your business will optimize your connected experience. Our flexible, scalable video infrastructure solutions help you organize, control and manage video, voice and data simply and effectively.

Start with our advanced room video systems, and then link your conference room video to our infrastructure platform—the four core products that allow for lifelike conference room experiences on any device.

Lifesize high performance video endpoints and accessories

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-secure video conferencing system for your meeting rooms or a more powerful system that will bring your message to a crowded lecture hall or stream it over the web, Lifesize has flexible, easy-to-use endpoints and accessories that meet the needs of every industry.

Lifesize infrastructure applications

By using a Lifesize On-Premise solution, you take the controls yourself, allowing for total customization of your entire video conferencing infrastructure.

The Lifesize Platform includes infrastructure applications that are the core of the Lifesize connected experience, allowing you to

  • Make multiparty calls
  • Access calls on mobile devices
  • Stream and record calls
  • Manage everything optimally

To simplify and accelerate your installation, we provide everything in preconfigured, preinstalled bundles that are right-sized for your business.

Traditional infrastructure applications and products

Lifesize also offers applications and products to support traditional video conferencing installations that demand greater security and existing video conferencing environments that require expanded features.

Integrate Lifesize into existing systems

The beauty of Lifesize On-Premise solutions is how well they play with other technologies. No worries. There’s no risk when integrating Lifesize into your video conferencing environment. Our solutions have always and will always work seamlessly with leading solutions from Avaya®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, Polycom®, VMware® and more.

Launch a customized solution

Want to start capitalizing on the benefits of an easier, more intuitive and more connected way to video conference? Power your infrastructure with Lifesize and maximize your investments in video. We’ll help you locate a Lifesize certified partner to implement a custom video conferencing solution built around your business.

Request a demo to see how simple and powerful Lifesize video conferencing really is