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The Number 1 Quality to look for in your next VoIP Provider: After-Sale Customer Support

Looking to replace your current VoIP provider, or perhaps needing one for the first time? You don’t have to look very far in New Zealand to find one that will promise to offer you the best service and product on the planet. But unless they’re able to meet a very specific requirement, then they won’t be much help to you in the long term.

If you’re looking to make phone calls using a VoIP connection you are opting for using an internet connection over your fixed line telephone. It’s a popular choice for businesses and corporates in New Zealand as it’s completely portable and allows for you to have multiple numbers on a single line that’s easy to scale up or down. You can also easily boost it with added features like caller ID and direct line numbers, and your contact number can be non-geographic should you desire. Contacting a provider to help you set up and get started with VoIP is easy enough – but it’s what happens afterwards that determines the quality of service from your provider.

Many providers are eager to close a sale and getting them to install your VoIP system and get it up and running isn’t much of a challenge. But what happens in the months afterwards when you need advice or assistance on system challenges and maintenance? No system is 100 percent perfect and VoIP is no different.

On rare occasions, certain alarm systems cannot integrate with VoIP systems. A power outage could temporarily disrupt your connectivity and sometimes a local exchange cable failure or network provider outage can cause voice quality problems. None of these issues are serious and are easy to solve – but can you rely on your VoIP Provider to follow through with these service problems?

Ongoing customer service and willingness to help with even the smallest problem is a quality that all providers should boast about. It means that they will work overtime to keep your system functioning optimally.

If you find that your VoIP provider cannot provide you with the above, it might be time to switch to Radicall, a provider that claims to be 1st in Telecommunications, where you and your business comes first…