We are telecommunications specialists we are trained professionals who specialise in the design, installation, and maintenance of various communication systems used to transmit and receive information. In the early days of the telecommunications industry, the primary focus of this job title was on telephone systems. In fact, wired telecommunications carrier companies continue to retain the largest market share of the industry today. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, the role of the telecommunications specialist has expanded to include the servicing of video, cellular, digital DECT, VoIP and Wi-Fi communication systems.

While voice communication management remains a dominant responsibility for the telecommunications specialist, digital technology allows for far greater utilisation of telecommunications networks. Previously and most commonly analogue systems provided communication between two or more users connected through a series of cables that linked to a central office, from which the data would be transmitted via switches, or exchanges. In contrast, digital networks partition data into packets that travel cables and most recently via fibre optic cables and routers and are reconstructed once delivered to the targeted destination.

This method helps to better manage bandwidth, or the amount of available transmission resources being used. In light of an ever-increasing use of the Internet to facilitate global communication, a thorough knowledge of digital technology represents a clear advantage to the specialist in terms of assisting clients in handling the need for increased volume and speed of voice data transmission.