VDSL2 is a Higher Speed Broadband Connection it is the newest & fastest form of DSL.s

VDSL can achieve download speeds of up to 50Mbps download, and 10Mbps upload speeds depending on network configuration. So it’s about 5 x faster for downloads, and 12 times faster for uploads than ADSL2+ (Regular ADSL or ADSL2+ is limited to about 15mbit download speeds, and a meagre 800k upload speed).

With faster data rates when compared with ADSL, VDSL provides businesses with the capacity to:

  • Voice over IP services – run your office phone system in the cloud!
  • Video conferencing – Conference in full HD with no interruptions with no disruptions to others on the office network
  • Host your own non-mission critical servers at work.
  • Run VPN services that work for remote desktop etc.
  • Send and receive large files outside the organization without bogging down the network.
  • Do online backups from your work to our data center utilising the fast upload speeds of VDSL.

Installation takes 5- 10 working days and you will require a VDSL2 router which we supply, you can click here and type your address into the coverage mapping tool to check on the availability of VDSL2 in your area.

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