Radicall: Officail Vendor

Radicall: your official vendor of Grandstream telecommunications solutions

Grandstream is an established pioneer in the Session Initiation Protocol industry, and have created an extensive range of unified communication devices and open source product solutions that any business can adopt with ease. Grandstream also offers the advantage of being compatible with most SIP services, devices and platforms. It’s no surprise then that they’ve won awards for their advances in the industry as well as for their channel support, products and services.

Radicall and Grandstream

When you chose to get your Grandstream products and support from Radicall, you’re working with a company that is an official vendor of the brand, and can therefore offer advanced product notifications and firmware updates. We can also offer you access to dedicated sales contacts and resources to answer all your product related questions, and make sure that any problems are dealt with promptly and accurately. We understand that every business will have its own unique needs, and therefore won’t prescribe a one size fits all solution that doesn’t suit you perfectly.

Advantages of Grandstream communications network solutions

When you choose Grandstream, you can get all your IP and telephony needs met at your level, with options available for every budget, as well as with integrated and seamless mobile (cordless) and video options available. You’ll benefit from using one of the most robust video conferencing platforms available, and through our wireless offerings your communications will be mobile and completely secure. Seeing as Grandstream can also meet your end-to-end communication network and equipment needs, whichever combination and solution you opt for, you can look forward to technical support on demand, as well as added reassurance through a secondary backup server.

Radicall can install, manage and implement any of the following Grandstream products and solutions for your business:

  • 1-line VoIP Phones
  • IP Android Video Phones
  • SME HD IP Phones
  • 3-line Colour Screen HD IP Phones (PoE)
  • 4-line/6-line Colour Screen HD IP Phones (PoE, Bluetooth)
  • 2-line Gigabit HD IP Phones (PoE)
  • 20-button LCD Expansion Modules
  • 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 or 48-Port FXS Gateways and 4 or 8-Port FXO Gateways
  • Combo FXS and FXO ATA Adapters
  • Single FXS ATA Adapters or dual FXS ATA Adapters
  • 4-Port FXS ATA Adapter
  • IP-PBX systems

Simply contact Radicall today if you’d like to find out more about what Grandstream can do for your business.