Premium ADSL Business Broadband

ADSL (Which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), is the most common form of broadband in New Zealand. ADSL uses the formerly “unused” frequencies that existed on a normal telephone line, thus allowing high speed internet to travel on the same phone line as regular voice calls.

An ADSL connection is available to the majority of businesses in NZ, and delivers speeds of 5-15mbps downloads, and 800kbps uploads. It is suitable for businesses with up to 5 staff. Many businesses have in the past chosen to use ADSL for much larger numbers of staff because of the formerly high cost of Fibre, however this often delivers a sub-standard experience for users. With the availability of VDSL, UFB, and cheaper fibre prices, even small businesses are encouraged to investigate faster options than ADSL where possible.

These are the most cost effective connections that we offer to business customers. Although often associated with slow connection speed and buffering difficulties most of the downstream ADSL2+ problems are a result of the contention ratio of your provider’s policy. ADSL2+ connections are often sold on a contention ratio of 1:200 giving extremely poor performance during peak usage hours.

We combat these problems by arranging a custom data policy for all of our clients or offering a policy based on throughput with a 10 times better than typical contention ratio of only 1:20 and giving our premium users the ability to purchase low contention ratio plans all the way up to CIR (1:1). This removes almost all of the inherent risk of congestion and slow speeds often plaguing the corporate users. In addition to this we can bond multiple ADSL2+ circuits together for areas where faster connections are not available and use this to achieve the desired speed. Although this may not be the most cost effective solution for every user, bonding has proven to be a very viable solution for the majority of users who have no access to faster circuits.

  • Max Connection Speed: 24Mbit / 1Mbit
  • Typical Latency to Local Servers: 12-20 ms
  • Delivery method: POTS (plain old telephone service)
  • Installation Time: 3-7 working days

ADSL2+ is available to almost all urban exchanges in New Zealand. As these are all fibre fed exchanges there is almost always spare back haul transfer available letting you transfer information at very close to synchronization speeds (your line speed).

ADSL business broadband rates

Excess data is charged at $1.50 per extra 1GB and plans are synchronous full speed up and down.

ADSL 2+ broadband plan Naked ADSL 2+
ADSL 2+ 10GB $99.00
ADSL 2+ 60GB $105.00
ADSL 2+ 100GB $135.00
ADSL 2+ 200GB $185.00
ADSL 2+ 500GB $275.00


All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. Traffic usage is measured on national and international upload and download. Installation takes 5 – 10 working days.

Broadband One-Off Set Up Costs

On a 24 month contract, a standard connection is $199, or a full new ADSL connection including connection & wiring can be installed for $299 + GST. This installation also includes a ADSL WIFI Modem / Router for $299 +GST if required.

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