Ericsson-LG WIT-400H WiFi Handset

Ericsson-LG WIT-400H WiFi Handset

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Product Description

Ericsson-LG WIT-400H WiFi Handset

iPECS WIT-400HE is a Wireless LAN phone that delivers enhanced mobility for your business communications. Integrating with Ericsson-LG call platforms, WIT-400HE provides seamless and
reliable communications and improves your business productivity.

Tightly integrated system features make the WIT-400HE a perfect business mobility terminal. The Industry proven iPECS family, Ericsson-LG’s IP PBX solution, has completed interoperability test for sophisticated business features. Users can broadcast their voice to multiple peers by simply pressing a Push To Talk(PTT) button on the handset, then WIT-400HE maintains open channels for instant half
duplex voice communications. By using Linked Station Pair, users communications become seamless.

Pairing a desktop phone or soft client with WIT-400HE matches ideal combination of true business communications. Not to mention Paging, Message wait indication, internal text messaging, door opening relay control and more.

Cost effective business mobility

Thanks to massively spread wireless network infrastructure 802.11b/g, users can simply access standard wireless access points to free their business communications rather than adapt themselves into the given closed infrastructure.

Lowering management costs is also a deliverable value, especially when many terminals are deployed. Since Ericsson-LG integrates the WIT-400HE with all of its telephone systems, there is no additional gateway or controller required to support sophisticated system features. Unpack and hook up any
WIT-400HE to the network, it will then find the built-in provisioning server of Ericsson-LG’s
telephone system for automatic registration and latest S/W upgrade.

Optimal design for everyday business environment

To make the handset work better for business purpose, a simple and robust design concept is applied for WIT-400HE. Damage proof shell design, internal antenna, dark grey color housing provides users with a firm and solid communications tool. Turn on the handset, you will find full color display panel with well arranged graphical menu. Interactive soft key and navigation key make the user interface even easier to use. For your convenience, you can attach an optional belt clip which helps snap in and out without hassle. WIT-400HE applies industry standard Micro USB port for battery charging either via desktop charger or direct connection to the handset.

Needs to be configured as an Extension and part of the System Range in our Ericsson-LG Telephone Systems.


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