snom M9-R IP DECT Base with one DECT Phone

snom M9-R IP DECT Base with one DECT Phone

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SIP Protocol IP DECT Base with one DECT Phone, supports DECT repeaters

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snom M9-R Combo

SIP Protocol IP DECT Base with one DECT Phone, supports DECT repeaters

The snom M9-R is the next generation DECT handheld that empowers users with the convenience of wireless communication along with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice-over-IP telephony. The snom M9-R promises to deliver excellent speech quality.

Furthermore the snom M9-R naturally can be integrated into several SIP based IPPBXs. Supporting 4 concurrent calls and the ability to connect up to 9 handsets, the snom M9-R provides excellent value for money and is ideally suited for business and private usage.

By combining professional functions of versatile business communication with the intuitive features of the mobile-carrier world, the snom M9-R is ideally suited for professional and private use alike.

snom M9-R Features:

With features such as hands free mode, calling line identification (CLI) by displaying name, number and image of the caller as well as typical mobile-phone features such as Address Book, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm function, the snom M9-R provides the perfect blend of mobility and accessibility.

The DECT based snom M9-R provides interference free communication by making use of the dedicated DECT frequency band. In addition, the snom m9r delivers the typical benefits of the DECT world such as high standby time and superior speech quality in addition to internet application integration, thus providing a decisive edge over WLAN handhelds. The working range of the snom M9-R Access Point is roughly 50m indoors and approximately 300m outdoors (depending on the actual topology of a building and/or outdoor premise).


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