VOIP PBX Systems & SIP Trunks

VOIP PBX Systems & SIP Trunks

There is not a day that goes by that you do not hear about some sort of attack on the Internet, or some security failure.

When it comes to VoIP Systems and SIP Trunking consider this:

Here are some actions we take that will help to keep your system safely out of the virtual clutches of evildoers:

  • Smart Account Names.  When we create SIP accounts, we never ever use the associated extension number as the account name.  Why?  Because that gives the bad guys half of the information they need to hack into the account.  We apply best practice use of account names being random strings of letters and numbers.
  • Strong Passwords.  VoIP hackers have sophisticated “brute force” tools that can very quickly find simple, short passwords.  We make sure that our passwords are not dictionary words, include lower and upper case characters, and include numbers and symbols.
  • Location, Location, Location.  Wherever we can we place all our VoIP systems behind a firewall.  Then we create firewall rules to route VoIP traffic between our system and VoIP service providers or peers. And, finally, we use a VPN to connect remote users.

Talk to us if you feel your system is exposed in any way. Our FREE audit will be able to set you mind at ease.
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