Vodafone to defend ad campaign

Vodafone says it will defend its new advertising campaign after rival Telecom applied for a High Court injunction.

Telecom spokesman Andrew Pirie said this morning the company believes aspects of Vodafone’s SuperNet advertising was “misleading to consumers and is therefore in breach of the Fair Trading Act”.

Telecom wants the campaign either changed or pulled, he said.

The advertising describes Vodafone’s infrastructure “as the best fixed-line network”.

The Herald understands Telecom also takes issue with Vodafone calling its cable network in Wellington and Christchurch “ultra-fast broadband”. This network was previously owned by TelstraClear.

This afternoon Vodafone issued a statement saying it would defend the campaign:

“With the coming together of Vodafone and TelstraClear we have a fantastic set of assets and we feel it is important to tell New Zealanders. These messages have been in the market for a while now – the only difference is we are using our SuperNet campaign to bring the story together for Kiwis.

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