Why Small Businesses Like Yours Need Ultra-Fast Broadband That’s ‘Radicall’.

There are thousands of small businesses in operation all over New Zealand and new ones start up each day. Yet not all of them last. We know how challenging it can be to take an idea and convert it into something profitable. If you’re running a small business, you need all the advantages you can get to compete with bigger, richer and more connected industry players. One of best ways that a smaller business can stay competitive and on top of things is to have Ultra-Fast Broadband access.

How can your small business benefit from ultrafast broadband?

You might not know it, but everything from your online store to your accounting systems to your client communications hinges on having great internet access. One of the greatest things about starting up a small business in the 21st century is that so much can be accomplished online, from the comfort of your own office (or home).

You can outsource to suppliers you’ve never met face-to-face to help with the provision of your services. You can store all important taxation and billing information securely on cloud storage and accounting systems. You can communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere using applications such as Skype video calling. You can operate an online store that allows clients to review and purchase your product from inside and outside of the country.

Imagine if you tried to accomplish all the above WITHOUT reliable and fast internet. It could lead to lost online sales and frustrated clients who cannot get through to you when they need to. It can cause vital business information to be lost and can create miscommunication and delays with your suppliers. Is it worth taking a risk to experience the above?

Here is what some of our customers are saying about our broadband.

“I am writing to recommend the services of Radicall. Radicall have been our preferred partner for telecommunications since 2016 and we do not hesitate to recommend them to our clients for their telephone and internet needs.

Their service is prompt and friendly and their VoIP service has been very reliable. After moving our fibre to them we’ve also experienced a significant improvement in internet quality.”

Regards, Hamish

The IT Company

Radicall has a number of business internet solutions available to customers, provided they fall within the coverage area.Our business grade, uncontended and dedicated connection Radicall Ultra-Fast Broadband will ensure that your small business can remain on par with anycompetitors, no matter what challenge comes your way.