Secrets to Great Coffee




I LOVE my Coffee!

Have just finished a coffee from Wild Bean and the zing is still awash on my tastebuds. I think when you have a business and you work 18 hour days taking coffee breaks have extra special meaning.

So what is the secret to great coffee, I don’t actually know, but I know what I like and it fascinates me that no matter the barista, and trust me some at Wild Bean look like they have just landed from a nearby continent, yet no matter who makes the coffee the coffee tastes GREAT!

Every time, no matter what. What is the secret?

So it must be the Bean! The secret is in the bean.

I have yet to purchase their retail coffee pack for making my own but that will be my next challenge on this journey to the secret of a good coffee.

And if you love strong, great taste of coffee, FairTrade as well, take up the challenge and try to find a Wild Bean coffee that is not good.

By the way if you didn’t know, Wild Bean is the coffee stand at most BP Service Stations. Imagine that the greatest coffee in my humble opinion comes from a Service Station.