Radicall introduces the eMG80 to our Small Business PABX range

Auckland based reseller Radicall New Zealand has launched the iPECS eMG80, the latest product from Ericsson-LG. Radicall Director Josko Sestan says, ”

The iPECS eMG80 is a comprehensive way to connect employees of small to medium sized business at the 3 to 50 user segment which is great for New Zealand businesses it provides access to IP technology, mobile working, remote working and the the full feature set of the iPECS architecture in a hybrid format meaning the features can be deployed on IP, digital and single line telephones with minimal cost impact.”

The hybrid architecture of the iPECS eMG80 delivers full features of the highly successful iPECS-LIK pure IP platform but in a hybrid format making it the perfect solution for small business with 5 – 50 employees who recognise the benefits of new communications technology but due to limitations of their networking structure or network management requirements they don’t want to make the move to a pure IP platform.

The eMG80 provides a great value proposition, including bundled licences for smartphone applications through the iPECS Communicator, also the iPECS Phontage the PC soft phone which utilises the IP capability, voicemail and auto attendant all out of the box, the competative price is set to ensure small businesses keep telecommunication costs down and stay profitable in the market.

iPECS eMG80 is another major product innovation from Ericsson-LG that is helping Radicall New Zealand stay competitive in the market and to continue to build on the rapid success of the long term commitment from Ericsson-LG to be a leader through unique product development.