Hosted Telephone Systems in the Cloud Require Great Service not just Great Features

A 100 years ago, a company could choose to communicate via a telegraph or by postal mail. Today most businesses have a multichannel way of communicating. With the advancements in technology   businesses can utilise a more robust multichannel communications environment mixing voice, video, text and chat, and even document sharing. It is a challenge to manage all of these mediums in our effort to attract our prospective customers. Relying on slow or unreliable communications platforms could be a serious hindrance to business…

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Many companies are getting serious about the cloud-based communications solutions they utilise. Business communications are collaborative tools that allow for efficient communications and enable interactions with clients in the way that is required, analogue phone systems simply cannot provide this level of efficiency. Unfortunately some Businesses are still listening to the experience of some early adopters in the area of VoIP and are reluctant to switch to a voice over IP platform, things are changing rapidly and with the advancement of the National Ultra-Fast Fibre Network now is a good time to take advantage of this technology, however businesses need to consider not just the technology and the functionality but also the level of service that you would expect from a Cloud Services Provider.

For a company that only has a few employees and does not have an on-site IT person, you need to have the experience of a partner in communications that can offer the breadth of knowledge including IT and communication platform, Radicall is such a Service Provider. Radicall is a terrific answer for business, with a “the customer is right” service attitude and full features you cannot go wrong with Radicall.

An affordable platform with features such as voice, video and other channels is ideal for a company that hopes to grow in the future. Cloud-based solutions offer unprecedented scalability, and a company that chooses a solution with ongoing, proactive customer support will have a far easier time of making changes and scaling up or down as business needs require.

With Radicall your business can take advantage of advanced features that were once available only to large corporations to help them increase their teams’ productivity and efficiency; reliable phone services that allows them to communicate with clients all over the world, and the ability to easily add lines of service and features whenever they require.

For companies whose business growth and profitability depends on reliable and flexible business communications, it can’t be about the features only…the service to back up the service is critical and you can expect nothing less at Radicall.