Would a hosted PBX system suit your business?

There has never been more technology available to the modern business to help it communicate with and attract customers. With these advancements, however, come increased risks and a need for more attention to security.

It’s essential for your business to have security measures in place at every point of network connectivity, and this includes how we communicate with others telephonically. For companies concerned with their data privacy and that of their customers, a hosted PBX system might be the perfect fit – provided you’re working with the right team.


A hosted PBX system is one that allows a business to have a phone system in place without the usual infrastructure and devices associated with a phone system. It uses an internet connection and is based online in the cloud. This system can work anywhere, making it useful for those with part-time or remote employees or staff who spend time on the road. A hosted PBX system has all the usual functionalities of a phone system, such as conference calls, transferring calls and more.

Many smaller companies choose this option as the set-up costs and low, and the system can easily and affordably be expanded should the business grow. If you are considering updating your communication structure, you need to be aware of the importance of a100%-secure hosted PBX system.


Without the technical know-how and understanding of how a hosted PBX system can be compromised leaves your business vulnerable to security breaches. When you select a hosted PBX system, a specialised service provider will install, maintain and monitor it for you. They will ensure it keeps operating as it should without disruptions or attacks. Potential threats could involve DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, as well as malware infections when the system is accessed via a mobile phone or network device.

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association, telephonic fraud costs businesses all over the world over $38 billion a year, so it’s essential to protect both your business and the clients entrusting you with their private and sensitive information. If you’ve found a service provider, don’t be afraid to ask them questions about how they intend to keep your hosted PBX system secure.