Chorus hits back at price review accusations

Chorus is hitting back at accusations it’s trying to rush the copper broadband price review.

InternetNZ says the network operator’s trying to push the Commerce Commission into a decision too quickly.

But Chorus spokesman Ian Bonner says they’re just looking for a clear way forward.

“The retailers don’t know exactly what they’re going to have to pay for things, it makes investment cases challenging.”

He says when retailers don’t know what they’re going to be charged, it makes investment hard.

Ian Bonner says Chorus wants a robust process that’s also efficient.

Spokesman Ian Bonner says they’re looking for a clear end to the fiasco, even amid legal action.

“It would be really good if we could get to the end of this and everyone feels relatively comfortable with it, so we don’t go through any further appeals or anything like that.”

That’s despite Chorus taking the Commerce Commission to the High Court last year, and now appealing that court’s decision.

Commerce Commission urged to slow down

The Commerce Commission’s being urged to slow down when it comes to Chorus.

Consumers could end up worse off if the Commerce Commission isn’t careful of its Chorus copper price review.

That’s from InternetNZ, which is urging the commission to take more time.

Chief executive Jordan Carter says the effects of a rushed decision would hit internet users hard.

“The risk is their bill gets jacked up unfairly, and that’s what none of us want to see.”

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