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Why you should choose Radicall New Zealand as your official Ericsson-LG vendor

Ericsson-LG is one of the world’s oldest and most established telecommunications companies, and over 40% of all mobile traffic occurs through their networks. As an official Ericsson-LG vendor in New Zealand, Radicall is proud to bring you the latest Ericsson-LG cloud, mobile, broadband and network solutions.

We’re experts in helping your business get connected with the full range of Ericsson-LG business network devices and equipment, and with our assistance you’ll find that your operations are more connected, efficient and collaborative than ever before.

Why Ericsson-LG?

Ericsson-LG has long been invested in the area of innovations and telecommunications, and are always looking for ways to add value for customers. This means that when you choose an Ericsson-solution, you’re choosing one that’s dedicated to improving the speed, availability and quality of their mobile broadband and fixed network options and improving and optimising managed service networks. The end goal is always the customer and enhancing their commercial success.

Ericsson-LG iPECS UCS

As official Ericsson-LG vendors, our primary offering is their internet protocol enabled enterprise unified communication systems, which integrates a IP-based PABX and keyphone products so that small to medium businesses can enjoy more unified communications. It allows businesses to offer seamless communications with clients and suppliers, switching between applications and routing calls or taking part in audio and video conference calls.

We chose to become a vendor of this Ericsson-LG iPECS UCS as we feel that it best suited to the communications needs of our small to medium enterprise clients. We have invested extensively in training in all aspects of the system to ensure that we can not only provide you with the product/service. but also with the support you deserve as and when needed.

Our product offering includes:

  • Cordless Handsets and Chargers (GDC 500H DECT, GDC-450H DECT)
  • Digital Phones (LDP-9208D 8 Button LCD, LDP-9224DF 24 Button LCD, LDP-9240D 2×12 Button LCD, LDP-9248DSS 48-Button DSS Extension)
  • IP Handsets and Phones (LIP-9002, LIP-9010, LIP-9012DSS 12-Button Extension, LIP-9020, LIP-9024DSS 24-Button Extension, LIP-9024LSS 24-Button Extension, LIP-9030, LIP-9040, LIP-9070 IP Phone)
  • Keyphones (LDP 7008D 8-Button LCD, LDP-7024D 24-Button, LDP-7024LD 24-Button)
  • System Equipment (iPECS UCP, iPECS eMG80, iPECS ES-2024GP Switch-24 Port-PoE)

For information on which combination and system would be best for your business’s telecommunication needs, please get in touch with Radicall today.