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Transfield Services says it has paid the money it owed to New Zealand subcontractors working on the ultrafast broadband initiative. David Jamieson, spokesman for the Australian engineering firm, said all outstanding payments were direct-credited to its contractors’ accounts at midnight on Friday. The company acknowledged last week that it had fallen behind paying dozens of
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 With neither Transfield nor Chorus nor the government offering substantive comment on Transfield’s payment problem, Labour ICT spokeswoman Clare Curran is filling the vacuum. “Hundreds of workers laying out broadband fibre around Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Nelson and Rotorua have not been paid for weeks. They have been told by Transfield Services, which contracts directly
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Research firm IDC says the government has done a good job of balancing everyone’s interests in its telecommunications review discussion document. “Many look back and wish the government had invested in better public transport during the sixties and seventies, but at the time such investments were deemed unnecessary or too expensive,” says Peter Wise, research
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Telecom unbundling key to regulator’s copper conundrum Telecom Corp’s dominance in the country’s retail broadband market and how it chooses to unbundle services on Chorus’ ageing copper network are central to the conundrum facing the Commerce Commission. The regulator has backed away from imposing a sharp cut to the regulated price Chorus can charge wholesale
Monday, 12 August 2013 / Published in News
Review of the Telecommunications Act The Government has announced plans to maintain artificially high copper prices, effectively placing a levy of up to $150 a year on consumers to support the fibre rollout. This move is to ensure that the price consumers currently pay for copper based broadband services is kept at least as high
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Vodafone says it will defend its new advertising campaign after rival Telecom applied for a High Court injunction. Telecom spokesman Andrew Pirie said this morning the company believes aspects of Vodafone’s SuperNet advertising was “misleading to consumers and is therefore in breach of the Fair Trading Act”. Telecom wants the campaign either changed or pulled,
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Telecom and Vodafone are in a High Court scrap over an allegedly misleading ad campaign. Telecom, the country’s biggest phone company, is claiming aspects of Vodafone’s new “SuperNet” advertising is misleading to consumers and a breach of the Fair Trading Act. Telecom wants the campaign changed or pulled and has filed an injunction in the
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Radicall as a business grade service provider of ADSL2, VDSL2, HSNS & Fibre Optic Broadband Solutions has chosen to stay our of the pricing wars that have occupied the major Telco & ISP Providers. We believe that when you are utilising your Broadband Connection to provide Voice Services as well as data services it does
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Wholesaler and network operator Chorus has this morning cut the price of its VDSL to a “mass market” level. The move has finally nudged big ISPs to embrace this faster form of copper broadband, which has so far been pushed by smaller-to-mid-tier ISPs, most notably Snap. Some see VDSL (which is much faster than the
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Last October I explored the striking differences between consumption of coffee pods and fresh coffee in Western Europe and the US, and what that meant for future sales of coffee machines. I came to the conclusion that “…perhaps by investing more in open coffee brewing systems, manufacturers could favour with consumers who might be willing to